The Saviors of Trem-NA Anniversary Event: Concept Art

When writing a book, you want to make sure your descriptions match the visual image in your head. Before and during writing, I always keep blank papers on hand to sketch ideas. Granted, I’m not a great artist, but seeing the image try and come to life before me helps fill in the description blanks.


Writing The Saviors of Trem-NA I created two different alien species and one alien planet. The Xenos go through quite the change in the book. They start out as orbs and eventually evolve and morph onto the host. The challenge was trying to come up with a way to evolve them from one phase to the other. And so, the following concept art was born.

Xeno Transformation

This conversion is true for all Xenos except the Queen. She has a physical body that does not change. The tendrils on her head help her connect to their hive computer in order to create more Xenos in their beginning form. One of my favorite parts of this story was coming up with the Xeno Queen’s back story. I had so much fun writing her backstory, I might explore it later on…

But that’s besides the point. This concept art is very simple, but the Xeno Queen is all about show, not looks.

Xeno Queen (Xenocta)

Now we move onto the Naanans. With their design I wanted it to be much more fluid than angular. Naanans by nature are subdued and in tune with the feelings of others. A challenge I had was making a race where if there’s a physical appearance change (i.e. what Rajax goes through) that the alteration would translate well. The major differences between Rajax and his people are that Naanans have flat features on their face, and Rajax does not. There are other differences, but as far as appearance goes that is the biggest one.


With every alien race created, they need a place to stay. The Naanans fluidity translates into their architecture and way of life. Farm houses slowly rise into towns, towns slowly rise into cities, the cycle continues through the land.

Naanan Buildings and Homes

Trem-NA has three continents that have different characteristics. The largest continent has flatlands and hillsides. The smallest continent in the middle of the planet has mountains and jungles. The last continent has forests and deserts. There are sparse islands throughout the large sea that covers the planet. Naanans lived on each continent although their most heavily populated one was the northern continent. *Note this is before the Xeno attack, so the geography does change throughout the book.

Trem-NA SIDE 1
Trem-NA SIDE 2

And that is all the concept art I created for The Saviors of Trem-NA. Granted, these are very plain and don’t have a lot of ‘life’ to them, but I like to work with the features that stand out and fill in the finer details when writing.

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